Installing Windows 10 (MD-100-T01)

Installing Windows 10 (MD-100-T01)

E-Courses4you are here to bring you the course you need to pass the Installing Windows 10 (MD-100-T01) exam. 

In this course, you will learn how to support the installation tasks associated with Windows 10, develop skills that include learning how to install and customize Windows 10 operating systems, learn about the new Windows servicing model and methods for keeping Windows up to date and more.

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Why Choose Us?


The MD-100 Windows 10 will focus on the skills required to deploy Windows 10. 

The core principle of this training is to ensure the learner acquires the expertise and skills in Windows Desktop Administrator. 

Learn how to manage storage, files and devices, secure Windows 10 OS and protect data.

The course is extensive and will cover a range of modules such as installing, configuring, and personalising Windows 10, managing apps, configuring security and supporting and troubleshooting. 

Each module is discussed thoroughly to ensure the learners gain an in-depth understanding of the subject matter.

The Windows 10 MD-100 is highly beneficial to anyone aspiring or already employed as modern desktop administrators. Getting qualified will further improve your opportunities of career progression and having this certificate on your resume will demonstrate to employers that you have expanded your skills and expertise in the area.

With 20-30 hours of study time, you should be ready to sit the MD-100 exam. 

(You can take the exam with us at an extra cost, contact us if you would like to sit the official exam).

What will I learn?

  • Acquire the skills needed to deploy Windows 10.
  • Learn to manage devices and data.
  • Learn to maintain Windows 10 as part of Microsoft 365 setting.
  • Understand how to configure connectivity.
  • Using remote tools for management.

This online training course is comprehensive and designed to cover the following key modules:

1: Installing Windows 10
2: Configure and Personalize Windows
3: Updating Windows 10
4: Networking in Windows 10
5: Configuring Storage
6: Managing Apps
7: Configuring Authorization and Authentication
8: Configuring Access to Files and Folders
9: Configuring Security
10: Supporting and Troubleshooting

Who is this course for?

This course is for those who want to further theirs kills in Microsoft Windows 10 and learn to perform deployments and upgrades and more. You might already be working in IT/Cyber and want to upgrade and upskill yourself further and add a valuable and industry-recognised certification to your belt, or be new to the industry!


There are no prerequisites for the Microsoft MD-100 Windows 10 Exam, however it is recommended that you are familiar with Microsoft 365 workloads. 


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What’s Included?

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Wiki_tick  Unlimited support
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