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Question #1: What word substitutes for a noun (person, place, or thing) in the following sentence? Sharon said she would take the mauled cat to the vet.
Question #2: Who should be going on vacation in the following sentence? Annabell told Hilda that she should go on a vacation.
Question #3: The pronouns 'this' and 'which' often cause errors in pronoun reference. To what noun or idea does the pronoun 'which' refer in the following sentence? The professor did not explain the assigned homework, which made Jennifer very angry.
Question #4: Which sentence contains an error in pronoun reference?
Question #5: In which sentence do the stated antecedent and the following pronoun fail to agree?
Question #6: Is the following sentence grammatically correct? Nobody remembered to finish their homework.
Question #7: Which of the following sentences contains an error in subject-verb agreement?
Question #8: Choose two. Which sentences show correct subject-verb agreement?
Question #9: Choose two. Which sentences contain correct agreement?